About us

We are specialists in production & sales of lightweight trailers

EasyWagon A/S is currently owned by Per Rauff Mikkelsen, who has previously been co-owner of Eurowagon and Mobilhouse. 

Therefore, it is safe to say that EasyWagon has its roots all the way back to 1961, when Per’s father started Fredericia skurvogn. Here the first trailer in Denmark was built, a small red wagon that is still in Per’s possession to this day.

In 1998, the company Eurowagon goes bankrupt and on 1 July 1998 Per acquires the company under his own brand and starts the production of light wagons at a factory in the Czech Republic.

The Danish market allows a natural place for more manufacturers of trailers after a new executive order was published in 1992 which sets requirements for the layout of crew trailers. This resulted in a natural increase in demand from customers, as they also went from transporting the trailers by truck or crane, to suddenly being able to be driven behind an ordinary passenger car with a towbar.

After the executive order, the old wooden trailers officially became lightweight trailers. If a trailer had to be registered and towed via ordinary towbar, there are today very specific requirements and rules: 

The trailer must be built based on 3 parameters: 

  • The weight should not exceed 3500 kg. 
  • The length must not exceed 12 meters 
  • The height of the trailer must not exceed 4 meters

In addition, there are a wide range of requirements for, among other things, ceiling height, insulation, lighting, facilities etc.

During the same period, they went from building wagons in wood to changing the structure to composite material. This has resulted in all EasyWagon trailers today being maintenance-free with smooth surfaces that make it easy to clean. 

In 2015, Per sells his share of the Eurowagon.

In the meantime, Per and Kaj Lundgaard started the company EasyWagon in 2004, which was part of Iglocar near Hasle in Aarhus. Shortly after the start-up, Per is bought out of the company. After that, sales and production never really gets started and there is therefore a standstill in the company.

On February 26 2016, Per acquires the name “EasyWagon”, and this is where the backbone of the EasyWagon that we know today begins. Per immediately starts by turning his head towards poland, which today is Europe’s center for the production of chasies and trailer production. Shortly afterwards, EasyWagon starts its own production in Poland.

In January 2017, the first 3 produced wagons was delivered to Denmark from our own factory in Poland.

In May 2023, EasyWagon celebrated their 5000th trailer production.

In the first quarter of 2024, wagon No. 6000 was produced. 

5000 "Wagon Party"

EasyWagon celebrated a milestone in May 2023: the production of the 5000th wagon.

At EasyWagon, we are one of the leading manufacturers of light trolleys in Europe and have just celebrated a remarkable milestone at our production facility in Poland, namely wagon no. 5000. The trolley rolled proudly out of the factory, marking a significant moment for all of us at EasyWagon.

All our employees were filled with joy and pride as we celebrated this prestigious event. In recognition of their hard work and dedication, each employee received a personal thank you for their daily efforts. This gesture underlined how much we at EasyWagon value their work as creator of every single trolley we send out from the factory in Poland.

To celebrate this special day, a festive event was organized where we gathered the entire group. CEO Per Mikkelsen and Sales Manager Morten Bork poured sausages and bread from our Danish hot dog stand.