A pioneer trailer is a mobile office, dining area, changing room, and toilet, all in one trailer. A Pioneer trailer is therefore the perfect solution for the construction site when workers need a break. A pioneer trailer is also particularly suitable as office space for administrative tasks. The trailer is also very useful at events, fairs, festivals etc.


At EasyWagon, we sell pioneer trailers in three different sizes, where there is room for four, six or eight people. The trailers are all build with dining rooms, these can also be used as an office. The trailers have a dressing room with built-in double cabinets so that employees do not
may have clothes and personal belongings lying around, but in a safe place while working. The caravans are sold with built-in toilet, sink and shower. 


A pioneer trailer from EasyWagon is easy to transport and can easily be towed by a normal car. This saves both time and money by avoiding having to pay others for transporting the pioneer trailer. We sell trailers that are extremely comfortable to stay in, and produced in a stylish design with smooth surfaces that ensure easy cleaning and maintenance.

Our factory in Poland produces all our lightweight trailers. There is no middleman – only qualified work, experience, materials and thought-out products. No matter what type of trailer it is, you are guaranteed high quality and reasonable prices. At EasyWagon, we sell our trailers complete with fixtures and ready to use. Contact our employees today and hear which solution will suit you.