Toilet and shower trolleys




At EasyWagon you will find a large selection of mobile toilet and shower trailers. A toilet trailer is a mobile toilet solution that is ideal for situations that require temporary access to sanitary installations. The trailer is often equipped with one or more toilets and with the option to include showers, washing machines and dryers in the same unit.

A shower trailer is a mobile bathing solution designed to provide easy and convenient access to a shower when the need arises. The trailer itself is usually equipped with one or more showers. Typically, there will also be a toilet and changing rooms.


There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to the layout of our toilet and shower trailers. At EasyWagon you will find many different models and solutions, so you are guaranteed a trailer that suits your needs. 

Whether you choose a separate toilet trailer or want a combination of toilet and shower, you get a sanitary trailer that is both easy to handle, easy to place and easy to clean. Depending on the type of toilet chosen, your trailer can be easily connected, as you do not need to place it near either sewer or water supply. In addition, our trailers are easy to transport. All you need is a normal car with a towbar. In this way, you get a mobile and flexible solution that you can easily move around.



If a trailer only has one toilet, it often comes from the factory with its grinder. This is the most popular solution and comes standard in all our trailers with toilet. The toilet works almost like an ordinary toilet you have placed in the home, therefore it is also the most used toilet solution in all our trailers.

A toilet trailer with a grinder does not have to be located directly above a sewage system. Usually, a toilet must be connected to a sewer pipe directly under the toilet in order to flush away feces and sewage.

A water-flushing toilet with a grinder can be placed some distance away from the sewer system itself. In this way, toilets with grinders offer a high degree of flexibility in terms of positioning the toilet trolley.

There must be a water supply for flushing, as well as a sewer connection or drainage system to transport away the ground waste and sewage.

How does it work?

When you press the toilet flush, the grinder is filled with water. When the container contains 3 l of water, the pump starts automatically. Waste from the toilet is then sent through the motor-driven grinder, which crushes various faeces and toilet paper, which is then led out through the drain pipe.

Water connection: 25 meter 3/4″ / 19mm hose.

Drain hose: 25 meters 1″ / 25mm hose.



A tank toilet is a simple toilet solution if you do not want to depend on electricity and sewer. The setup provides great flexibility in terms of where the trailer can be placed. It comes with a 60 L water tank that also serves as a sink.

In places without access to water or electricity, an independent toilet trailer with a tank is the ideal solution. This setup gives you
Great flexibility in where the trailer can be placed and still allows full use of all its functions, from the hand wash to the flushing mechanism.

Water is very simply topped up at the water level. The water is thus used both for the sink and then as a flushing water in the tank toilet.

How does it work?

The sink is used with the help of the foot pedal located at the bottom center of the water level. Water for the toilet is activated by using the hand pump located on the left side of the toilet. When this is used, the water from the water tank is pumped down the toilet and then acts as a flush.

Externally, under the trailer is a sliding valve to which the contents from the tank can run directly into the sewer. The tank can also be easily emptied using a sewer cleaner from the toilet.



At EasyWagon, we use Cinderella toilets as combustion toilets. The toilet is either gas powered or with regular 230V plug. The toilet burns the garbage at high temperature.

This results in a minimal amount of ash, which settles at the bottom of the toilet in a convenient garbage bag. The toilet therefore needs neither water connection nor drainage.  

How does it work?

At the bottom of the toilet you will find a closed combustion chamber. When using high temperatures (Up to 600 degrees), the toilet effectively decomposes solid and liquid waste into ashes. The specially produced bags make disposal easy, so the entire process is handled hygienically. 

Toilets are incredibly easy to use. Behind the toilet board you will find an LED screen that guides you through the process of using the toilet.


A vacuum toilet is particularly suitable for the festival and marketplace. In the basin you will find a smaller exit hole than in the other toilet types. This is because a vacuum toilet “sucks” the waste from the basin instead of flushing. A vacuum toilet consumes minimal water, and a toilet flush therefore only consumes approx. 0.4 L.

A vacuum toilet requires no waiting time and can be used again directly after previous use. A vacuum toilet has a large capacity and accommodates approx. 75-95 people per. hour or approx. 350 toilet visits before the water tank must be filled again.

The trailer is emptied simply by opening the valve to the tank or by suction such as sewer vacuum.

How does it work?

The trailer contains 2 tanks – One for clean water and one for dirty water. By pressing the flush button, the vacuum pump is activated and the waste is drawn through the pump and up into the tank for wastewater. The trailer therefore does not require connection to the sewer and can therefore be easily placed. The vacuum pump requires power.


A toilet trailer is a practical and flexible solution when temporary toilets are needed for events or construction sites. 

A toilet trailer is connected to the sewage system and is the ideal solution that prioritizes hygiene and efficient waste disposal. The waste is transported directly away via the sewer system, which prevents the accumulation of waste and reduces the risk of bacterial growth or bad odors.

By connecting the trailer directly to the sewer system, you also avoid the need to empty and clean separate waste tanks, which saves time and minimizes the risk of unpleasant odors.

How does it work?

A toilet with a sewer works like an ordinary toilet. By connecting the trailer directly to the sewer system, you also avoid the need to empty and clean separate waste tanks, which saves time and minimizes the risk of unpleasant odors.