Residential caravans from EasyWagon are sold in different sizes.  You also have the opportunity to choose whether the caravan should be with single or double rooms, whether you want to buy or lease. In this way, we can offer a trolley exactly according to your needs, requirements and wishes. Under each type of vehicle you can read more about both layout, dimensions, technical data and connections. EasyWagon offers light trucks for all needs.

A caravan is a complete and not least mobile solution in connection with housing. The caravan contains the same necessary facilities that are found in an ordinary home. Therefore, all our caravans are also furnished with both kitchen, shower and toilet, living room and at least one bedroom with built-in wardrobes. The light trailer can be moved around as needed for construction, temporary housing, etc.

With the caravans’ good facilities and high quality, the employees are guaranteed comfortable breaks, as well as a solid night’s sleep should the need arise. Breaks and a good working environment are incredibly important when the crew has to keep their heads clear for a whole day and deliver a solid job. A job that is ultimately reflected in your company’s reputation.

At EasyWagon, you are guaranteed light trailers with a high standard, and the caravans we sell are produced at our own factory in Poland with Danish management, which is your guarantee of high quality and not least a caravan at a price everyone can join. 

In our selection of mobile caravans you can, among other things: Choose from our caravan for 2 people as well as for four people.

The flexibility and mobility of the caravans make the caravans easy to move around, so you can easily place them right where you need. Trolleys are also very easy to connect, as they do not need to be placed tightly on sewer or water supply. At the same time, they are also very easy to transport, since they can be strapped after an ordinary passenger car. It is therefore very convenient to have your own mobile caravans on wheels if you are a company that Get far and wide with your employees.