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Frequently asked questions

The new generation of trailers is built in inorganic materials.

The wall panels are made as sandwich elements with high density, which results in increased insulation performance and considerable strength in the finished panel.

The roof is as standard a complete fibreglass construction with 60 mm insulating core material of PUR foam.

The trailer is, inside and out, designed with hygienic, smooth surfaces that makes them easy to clean.

The construction as a whole has outstanding stability and is completely free from the well-known problems that plague trailers today. This is due, to the fact that:

  • The trailers are equipped with integrated roofs without joints, which effectively prevent water ingress.
  • The floor is an integral part of the construction and contains no organic materials, such as wood. Thus, it remains unaffected by moisture, which means that water on the floor does not cause any damage.
  • The trailers are equipped with powerful nose wheels.
  • It is possible to retrofit more powerful outriggers on the larger models.

In addition, it should be mentioned that:

  • all indoor lighting is LED based.
  • 13-pin electrical connectors are standard equipment.
  • We only use components from reputable suppliers.
  • Shower bottoms are made of steel.

We try to build our trailers exclusively with standard components, which makes them easy to service or repair in case of damage.

They are extremely simple to connect and do not require placement close to either water supply or sewer.

No. We focus exclusively on providing new top quality products to our customers and do not offer rental of trailers or equipment. However, in order to meet the diverse needs of our customers, we would be happy to assist in referring you to local, competent rental companies of EasyWagon light trailers in your local area.

We strive to provide the best possible service and assistance to our customers and understand the importance of being able to facilitate their needs, even if it is not necessarily part of our core business area. Our goal is to establish a solid relationship based on trust, transparency and professionalism with our customers, and this includes guiding them when they want to rent EasyWagon trailers.

We thank you for your interest in our company and are happy to be at your service with our expertise if you plan to buy brand new wagons, fixtures or spare parts.

In Denmark, you can get service on all types of trailers at our workshop on Nordensvej 1 in Fredericia.

Abroad, services are offered by our official traders.

Both in the workshop in Denmark and in the other European countries, our service includes all types of repairs, removal of graffiti, facelift on older wagons and delivery of spare parts – usually within 1 – 2 days if they are not in stock locally.

EasyWagon manufactures all trailers at our own factory in Szczecin, Poland.

The factory is run under competent Polish/Danish management, who has a rich experience in the industry and a deep understanding of the requirements and expectations that our customers have for our trailers. This ensures not only efficiency, but also compliance with the highest quality standards.

The production team, which is our most valuable asset, consists of local employees, dedicated employees who are professionally well trained and therefore play a crucial role in our production process. They are not only responsible for handling the technical aspects of production. They are also an important part of our corporate culture, where commitment and job satisfaction are key elements.

Our modern production facilities are designed to optimize efficiency, precision and product quality. We use the latest production methods and technologies to ensure that our trailers meet current safety and performance standards and provide our customers with a high level of comfort.

We are proud to have our own factory in Poland, as it allows us to deliver the highest quality products with short lead times while maintaining control over the production process.

Our flexibility and commitment to quality, as well as our ability to retain competent employees, is what drives our success in the light truck market.

In Denmark, you can see new and used trailers in our showroom, which is located at Nordensvej 1, 7000 Fredericia. It is easy to find due to its advantageous location near the highway system and is easily accessible from several directions.

  • From the Funen side and Vejle, our location is at motorway exit 60 b (Taulov N) on the East Jutland highway,
  • From Kolding you use motorway exit 61 on the Taulov highway.

Abroad you will be able to see EasyWagon light trailers at many of our dealers. For further information on this, please feel free to contact us.

Which wastewater disposal and or storage is offered is entirely up to your needs. We offer the following solutions as standard:

  • Grinder with pump – typically used where there is a certain distance (up to 25 m) from the installation site to the sewer system
  • 110′ drain pipe – typically used where there is the possibility of direct connection to the drainage system.
  • Toilets with own tank
  • Combustion toilets (Cinderella)
  • Vacuum system with pump as well as fresh and wastewater tanks – usually used where there is no possibility of direct connection to the sewage system or where a large number of sanitary facilities are set up in the same place.

The delivery time depends on the specific model. However, we aim to be able to deliver within 4 – 6 weeks and for selected standard cars also faster.

We will normally be able to provide an exact delivery time as soon as all technical questions have been answered and the final layout has been determined.

Yes, we supply both toilet and shower solutions in barrier-free variants, which makes it significantly easier for our disabled fellow human beings to participate in large public events.

Our solutions include not only trailers, but also units without wheels for handling with crane or truck.

Which supply voltage is used, we adapt to local needs. We deliver our trailers with connection of either 230V/16A or 400V/32A.

As an alternative or supplement to the conventional supply, we also offer solar power systems for the operation of lights, fans, etc.

Our electrical installations comply with the European Standard IEC/HD 60364 parts 1 – 6 as well as sections 717 and 701 specifically for bathroom trailers.

The hot water supply is highly dependent on the expected/calculated consumption. In the case of a single bathroom or up to 4 showers, we will typically offer a solution with an electric water heater. For larger needs, we recommend gas flow heaters or oil boilers with separate hot water tanks.