Leasing is the easy way to ownership

At EasyWagon, we know that you need good solutions when investing in equipment for your business. This applies not only when it comes to the quality of the product, but also the economy. Whether you need a crew trailer, toilet trailer or cooling trailer, with us you can realize your needs very simply with a lease agreement.

We offer flexible lease agreements with financing that suits you. This means that you can buy a new cart without tying up your liquidity. With a lease agreement of a trailer from EasyWagon, you can better improve the operation of your business.

You set 20% in down payment and then have a fixed monthly payment for the duration of the agreement.

At EasyWagon, you only have the option to buy or lease a trailer. We do not offer rental.

For rental of caravans, we refer to our partners simplehomes.dk, Karlsvognen.dk and GODIK.dk.

There are many benefits of Leasing

When leasing a trailer from EasyWagon, there are no hidden fees or stored services. When creating your lease agreement, you pay an initial payment, which is often a down payment of 20% of your total purchase. At the same time, the maturity and residual value are agreed.

Then you pay a monthly fee, which covers the right to use the trailer. During your lease period, EasyWagon owns the Trailer and you can therefore not sell it during your lease period.

When the lease period expires, you have the option to buy the cart at the scrap value, which often is the amount of 20% from the purchase price.

There are many advantages to leasing a trailer from EasyWagon.

  • You get a new cart for a fixed monthly payment
  • Leasing provides increased financial scope
  • Full right of use of the goods you lease
  • Free up liquidity so you can develop your business

Do you want a leasing offer?

We are specialists in the production and sale of all types of light trailers. We have a trailer for all purposes and events, both standard models but also custom-made trailers for all needs.

Does a lease agreement with EasyWagon sound like something for your business? Then contact us today.

Contact us by phone: +45 65 911 911 or by mail info@easywagon.com

Example of lease agreement

Payout amounts to 20%

Total purchase price: DKK 65,000.00 + VAT
Payment 20%: DKK 13,000.00 + VAT

Service per month: DKK 1,382.18 + VAT (maturity 36 months)
The scrap value amounts to 20% of the purchase price: DKK 13,000.00 + VAT.