Type 217WD – Toilet & Bath

Toilet & bath trolley Type 217WD: Mobile bathroom incl. washing machine

Do you need a toilet and shower for the go? Then this bathroom trolley is perfect! It can be towed behind all ordinary passenger cars. In this combined toilet and shower trolley you can go directly from the changing room to the shower, where you naturally have access to both hot and cold water. In addition, we have equipped the trolley with a washing machine with dryer.

The toilet trolley is also equipped with a radiator to ensure a comfortable temperature all year round, and of course there are also ventilation options. It is the perfect trolley for, for example, construction sites, rental for renovation projects, large events.

All our trolleys are spacious and have hygienic, smooth surfaces that are easy to clean!

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Practical mobile bathroom

This mobile bathroom has been designed with practicality in mind. When you step into the carriage, you will discover a well-appointed room that is divided into separate areas for shower and toilet.

On one side of the trolley you will find the shower cubicle, which is equipped with a curtain to keep the water inside the shower area. Next to the shower is located a combined washing and drying machine. For this, there is a table where you can put your things. It is both practical while using the bath, but also if you need to empty the washing machine of clothes.

On the opposite side of the carriage is the toilet area. Here you will find a sink and a small mirror for the necessary hygiene routines. There is also ample space to store the toiletries.

Toilet trolley with washing machine

Our toilet trolley with washing machine is not just a practical mobile bathroom; It is also equipped with an additional functionality in the form of a combined washer/dryer.

With our toilet trolley with washing machine, you don’t have to worry about finding a separate facility to wash your clothes. This is especially handy when you’re on the go and need clean clothes. You can easily take your dirty clothes into the cart and enjoy the benefits of having a washing machine close at hand.

With our toilet trolley with washing machine, workers on the construction site can easily wash their dirty work clothes so that they are fresh and clean for the next working day. And if you are in the process of a long-term renovation project at home, it is also an advantage to have the washing machine close at hand, so you can continue everyday life without any hassle.

Easy to handle. Easy to place. Easy to clean.

All Easy Wagon light trucks meet the requirements of the working environment legislation for the type of light truck in question.


Two-step staircase, 3 keys and crank for outriggers are included with the carriage.
In addition, the trolley is delivered without inventory.


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