Type 240 – 2 toilets

Toilet trolley Type 240 with 2 toilets

Are you missing mobile toilets? Then this light wagon is perfect.

Two water-flushing toilets with grinder so it doesn’t have to be placed just above the sewer. However, it still requires access to water and sewer on site.

This type of trolley is the most frequently used toilet solution today. The toilet works like a normal toilet in the home and therefore feels natural and comfortable.

The toilet trolley is equipped with radiator for comfortable temperature all year round. An ideal trolley for construction sites, large events, rentals and those carrying out renovations. All our trolleys are spacious and have hygienic, smooth surfaces that make them easy to clean!

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Toilet trolley with grinder provides flexibility

In this toilet trolley there are two toilet trolleys with grinder, which are capable of flushing with water. The peculiarity of these toilets is that they do not have to be located directly above a sewage system. Usually, a toilet must be connected to a sewer pipe directly under the toilet in order to flush away feces and sewage. But with these water-flushing toilets with grinders, they can be placed some distance away from the sewer system itself. In this way, the toilets with grinder offer a high degree of flexibility in terms of positioning the toilet trolley.

However, it is important that there is still access to both water and sewer connections at the place where the toilets are located. There must be a water supply for flushing, as well as a sewer connection or drainage system to transport away the ground waste and sewage.

A toilet trolley with grinder provides a more comfortable experience. It is reminiscent of a toilet in the home, which is why the netp is one of the most popular solutions on the market.

Mobile toilet trolley with 2 toilets & WC mixer

In this toilet trolley there are 2 toilets in two separate rooms consisting of a toilet and a sink. The uniqueness of this toilet trolley is the presence of a WC mixer. The WC mixer offers an added advantage that improves the user experience. A WC mixer allows to achieve the desired temperature and pressure in the toilet and thus provides a more comfortable experience during use.

With the WC mixer you can adjust the water temperature in the 2 toilets, just as you can also adjust the water pressure. In this way, you can control the strength of the water jet in the sink or the flow of water to the toilet, just as you also control the temperature of the water. It is also yet another reason why this type of toilet trolley is popular.

Overall, this mobile toilet trolley with 2 toilets with grinder and WC mixer combines functionality and comfort.

Easy to handle. Easy to place. Easy to clean.

All Easy Wagon light trucks meet the requirements of the working environment legislation for the type of light truck in question.


Two-step staircase, 3 keys and crank for outriggers are included with the carriage.
In addition, the trolley is delivered without inventory.



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