Type 570 kitchen and bath trolley

Dining car with toilet Type 570 – 4 persons

This must be the wagon for you who ex. Rent out caravans, as you get a caravan with complete kitchen with dining area for 4 people, as well as bathroom in one wagon!

Or for those of you who want to give ex. Your employees a common room with fully integrated kitchen, with the possibility of making a complete delicious meal and then being able to take a nice shower!

Maybe they sleep on the construction site and have a trolley with sleeping places next to them so they can retreat.

We are happy to foil your wagons so that you are easy to spot on the site and weigh! A good caravan for both your tenant / employees as well as advertising for your company! Contact us to hear about the possibilities.

Shed with kitchen and bath

This practical shed is designed for up to 4 people and has a split room layout. It consists of a living room and a toilet/bathroom.

In the living area there is a dining area for 4 people that allows for comfortable meals and socializing. The kitchen is fully equipped with an oven, fridge, hob, sink and dishwasher. This makes cooking and storing food items easy and convenient.

The shed’s toilet and bathroom contain a shower, a toilet and a sink. These facilities allow for personal hygiene without the need to leave the shed.

The shed with kitchen and bath is suitable for people who need a living space with functional kitchen and sanitary facilities. With space for 4 people, it is ideal for workplaces that need a place for their employees. Since it does not contain sleeping places, it is most intended for a place to stay for a meal or a bath.

Easy to handle. Easy to place. Easy to clean.

All Easy Wagon light trucks meet the requirements of the working environment legislation for the type of light truck in question.


Two-step staircase, 3 keys and crank for outriggers are included with the carriage.
In addition, the trolley is delivered without inventory.


Our webshops www.skurvognsdele.dk are under construction.

When it’s ready, you can buy all the accessories and spare parts for your light truck there.
We already have many of the parts on doors, so ask us if you need something!

The packages here can be ordered together with the trolley.

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