Type 660 2-room caravan

Caravan Type 660 with 2 rooms

Do you have employees who are out most days of the week? Here you get the shed that meets all requirements for welfare facilities on the construction site. Not least, colleagues can live close to the construction site, so that time is used optimally. The caravan contains a spacious living room with all kitchen facilities (incl. dishwasher & TV), 2 bedrooms so there is also the possibility of some privacy, as well as closet for storage. Further on there is a spacious bathroom with shower as well as a washing machine!

A residential sleeping car with bathroom at a reasonable price, but at the same time of high quality with smooth surfaces, so it is always easy to clean!

Contact us – and hear more, and we will find the caravan that suits you!

Floor plan of Type 660 2 room caravan from Easy Wagon - Good for 2 people

Easy to handle. Easy to place. Easy to clean.

Easy Wagon wagons meet the requirements of the working environment legislation for the type of light truck in question.

  • Easy connection, no requirement for placement near sewer or water supply
  • Easy transportation. Easy to tow. Can be towed by passenger car
  • Pleasant to stay in
  • See accessory packs below the pictures


Two-step staircase, 3 keys and crank for outriggers are included with the carriage.
In addition, the trolley is delivered without inventory.



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