Type 933XL4: 4 seater caravan

4 person caravan with large fridge

Do you need a little more space? Unlike the light trailer Type 9334XL, this 4 seater caravan contains a tall fridge freezer, TV and washer-drying machine. All facilities for a comfortable stay are present, whether the need is for the family or as a company car for employees. This model is a large and very spacious caravan with four bedrooms: two rooms at each end of the caravan. There is the possibility of a bunk bed in the rooms if desired. In the light trailer / shed there is plenty of space for storage as well as a spacious bathroom.

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Perfect caravan for the family

This caravan for 4 people is the perfect home for a family that wants a spacious and comfortable living space. The caravan is designed with two separate rooms located at opposite ends and provides privacy for everyone. There are a total of 4 beds in the caravan, which ensures comfortable sleep for all family members.

In the middle of the shed you will find a living room and kitchen, equipped with modern facilities. Here the family can gather in front of the TV or prepare meals in the kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with a high fridge freezer and a washer-dryer.

A spacious bathroom with both shower and toilet completes the facilities in the caravan.

This shed is spacious and can easily be used by a family of 4 people. It offers a practical living room, kitchen facilities and a full bathroom.

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Easy to handle. Easy to place. Easy to clean

All Easy Wagon light trucks meet the requirements of the working environment legislation for the type of light truck in question.


Two-step staircase, 3 keys and crank for outriggers are included with the carriage.
In addition, the trolley is delivered without inventory.



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